Pfizer’s Appeal to Halt Generic Norvasc was denied

The Supreme Court decided to deny Pfizer’s request to halt Generic Norvasc sale. It will result in irreparable harm to Pfizer.
Justice John Paul Stevens denied Pfizer’s motion that invalidated Pfizer’s 303 patent covering amlodipine besylate, the active ingredient in Norvasc.
Stevens also denied Pfizer’s petition for a writ of certiorari to reconsider the ruling that invalidated the 303 patent, based on a flawed theory of obviousness that will have profoundly negative consequences for patent protection.

NORVASC (amlodipine besylate) controls blood pressure. It can be used to treat the chest pain of angina. NORVASC relaxes your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow easily through them. As a result the blood pressure become lower.
NORVASC works for many types of patients. It even works for patients with mild, moderate, or severe levels of high blood pressure.
NORVASC is the most prescribed high blood pressure medicine worldwide NORVASC has been tested in hundreds of studies and has a proven safety record